Hamas buries commanders killed by Israel
Funerals held for three Qassam Brigades leaders in Rafah, as Israel calls up fresh troops for extended Gaza campaign.
7 hours ago

Malaysia receives bodies of MH17 passengers
Nation in mourning as remains of passengers killed when Malaysia aircraft was downed over Ukraine are flown home.
4 hours ago

African nations tighten Ebola travel bans
Chad and South Africa beef up restrictions on infected countries despite warnings of possible food shortages.
8 hours ago

UN's Pillay slams Security Council 'failure'
In final address Navi Pillay says a more responsive UN Security Council could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
4 hours ago

Mexico says 22,322 people now 'disappeared'
Government increases its count of those who have gone missing since start of war with powerful drug gangs in 2006.
6 hours ago

Indonesia backs president-elect amid protests
Top court rejects Prabowo Subianto's claims of electoral fraud, upholding victory of Joko Widodo in July's election.
6 hours ago

Appeal filed over jailed Al Jazeera staff
Lawyers for the three journalists imprisoned in Egypt say there were several breaches of process in their trial.
18 hours ago

US National Guard to withdraw from Ferguson
Governor of Missouri orders withdrawal of forces from St Louis suburb where police killed an unarmed black teenager.
7 hours ago

In Depth

Burmese refugees wary over Thailand's changes
New ration reductions and movement restrictions have refugees from Myanmar anxious about their future in Thailand.
23 hours ago

Gaza children unable to go back to school
The new school year will be delayed indefinitely in Gaza, as more than 380,000 Palestinians remain displaced.
20 August 2014

A decade of drones
US drones in Pakistan have killed thousands since 2004. How have leaders defended or decried these deadly planes?
21 August 2014

Programme Highlights

Islamic State 'beheading': A challenge to US?
The Islamic State group sends a graphic "Message to America" said to show the beheading of an American journalist.
21 August 2014

The Ceska murders
How Germany's failure to track down the killers of nine immigrants affected its relationship with the Turkish community.
20 August 2014

Guerrilla architect
Can Spanish self-build legend Santiago Cirugeda turn an abandoned factory into a vibrant cultural centre?
19 August 2014

Syria: No strings
Three Syrian children seek refuge over the Turkish border where teachers try to help them cope with the trauma of war.
20 August 2014