Children killed in Gaza playground shelling
Israel denies striking Gaza's main hospital and a playground, where seven children have been killed.
2 hours ago

MH17 suffered 'explosive' loss of pressure
Data shows Malaysian jet suffered "massive explosive decompression" after being hit, as fighting flares at crash site.
10 hours ago

Assad in Eid appearance as violence rages
No let-up in fighting in northeast and other parts of Syria as state TV shows president at prayer in Damascus mosque.
15 hours ago

France offers asylum to Iraqi Christians
France to welcome Christians fleeing the area controlled by Islamic State, expresses outrage at their persecution.
6 hours ago

Israel, PA lash out at Kerry over truce bid
US secretary of state's bid to broker a ceasefire was dubbed a "surrender" to Hamas.
7 hours ago

Nigeria city hit by twin suicide blasts
Female suicide bombers kill three, injure 13 in city of Kano during Eid al-Fitr.
6 hours ago

Libya oil-tanker fire blazes out of control
"Environmental disaster" feared after rocket lights second oil depot on fire in Tripoli amid militia clashes.
6 minutes ago

Ebola forces Liberia to shut border crossings
President orders most crossings closed and restricts public gatherings as worst outbreak in history continues to spread.
16 hours ago

In Depth

Mistrust galore as Afghans eye unity rule
Amid vote audit and horse-trading, politicians of all hues agree a compromise is needed to avoid political instability.
12 hours ago

Cambodia's deadlock ends but questions linger
Part of the joint accord aimed at ending the political impasse establishes an independent National Election Commission.
12 hours ago

Report: US unfairly targeted Arabs, Muslims
Rights groups say the US prosecution of terrorism cases targets Muslims and are fraught with abuses.
18 hours ago

Programme Highlights

Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn
A powerful film with exclusive footage from the day of the Israeli assault on the densely populated Shujayea district.
27 July 2014

Navi Pillay: Speaking truth to power
The UN high commissioner for human rights shares her concerns about the state of human rights in the world today.
27 July 2014

War on Gaza: Complicated by Egypt?
Cairo has defended its initiative on Gaza, insisting it gained international support.
26 July 2014

Climate change: Fact or fiction?
Climate change sceptic Richard Lindzen is challenged on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.
25 July 2014