Iraqi Kurds to send forces to Syria's Kobane
Kurdish authorities agree to send Peshmerga fighters to northern Syrian town to fight ISIL after Turkey allows passage.
14 minutes ago

Students undecided on further Hong Kong talks
Leaders say they may not take part in further talks, accusing authorities of failing to make any meaningful offers.
5 hours ago

Woman arrested in UK on terrorism charges
Twenty five-year-old woman arrested north of London for suspected offences relating to the civil war in Syria.
1 hour ago

Editor who guided Watergate coverage dies
Ben Bradlee led Washington Post investigation that toppled President Richard Nixon and brought newspaper new respect.
9 hours ago

Pakistan cleric Qadri ends Islamabad protest
Tahirul Qadri, who has been calling for resignation of PM, says he will now tour cities in a "revolution of the poor".
5 hours ago

Houthis and Sunni tribesmen clash in Yemen
Protesters demand Shia fighters leave Sanaa as deadline to form new government passes without political agreement.
11 hours ago

Cuban medics arrive in Liberia to fight Ebola
More than 50 doctors land in Monrovia as WHO officials say they hope to develop serum from recovered patients' blood.
2 hours ago

North Korea frees detained American man
Jeffrey Fowle, one of three US nationals arrested by communist state, flown home to Ohio by military jet after release.
11 hours ago

In Depth

Gunning down the taxmen of Somalia
At least 25 tax collectors have been killed since 2012 in Mogadishu, a city awash in weapons and abject poverty.
20 October 2014

Programme Highlights

Wave upon wave
The story of Syrians fleeing conflict, first to Libya and then to Europe on journeys fraught with danger and turmoil.
2 hours ago

Macau's Future Gamble
In the world's richest casino city, Macau, 18-year-old student Chi-on is gambling with his education.
21 October 2014

Sunday in Brazzaville
We explore the hip side of Congo-Brazzaville with a style icon, a rap artist, a wrestler, and a radio talk show host.
24 March 2014

Evo Morales: A Bolivian idol
Bolivia's president talks about the country's ongoing socio-economic transformation and his third term in office.
18 October 2014