Anti-PM protesters storm Pakistan broadcaster
Demonstrators enter building of Pakistan TV, briefly forcing it off air, amid continuing demands for PM to step down.
6 hours ago

UN body to probe Islamic State crimes in Iraq
Human Rights Council decides to send team to investigate abuses and crimes, including massacres and forced conversions.
4 hours ago

Deadly knife attack at China school
Man stabs three children and teacher to death in school that reportedly denied his daughter admission.
3 hours ago

Iran leader urges clerics to accept Internet
President Hassan Rouhani urges clerics to be more tolerant and lift restrictions on new technologies and the Internet.
5 hours ago

Mexico investigates mass fish death in lagoon
Fishermen continue to pull tonnes of dead fish out of Cajititlan that has been scene of four fish kills this year.
1 hour ago

Iraq retakes more towns from Islamic State
Kurdish forces and Shia armed volunteers kill at least two senior Islamic State fighters as they make military gains.
14 hours ago

Police detain 13 Bosnian Serbs for war crimes
Officers arrest 13 Bosnian-Serb policemen and soldiers for suspected war crimes committed during Bosnia's 1992-95 war.
6 hours ago

What are Russia's plans for eastern Ukraine?
The EU threatens further sanctions amid continuing accusations of Russian military involvement in Ukraine.
6 hours ago

In Depth

Senegal children face modern-day slavery
An estimated 50,000 children forced hundreds kilometres away by their parents, and end up begging on the Dakar streets.
9 hours ago

Assam rues India's stand on World War II road
Assam officials upset that WWII-era Stillwell Road won't be used in transnational highway linking four Asian nations.
17 hours ago

Syrians build health care network in Turkey
Informal health centres are treating thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey, easing the pressure on local hospitals.
17 hours ago

Programme Highlights

Welcome to Hong Kong
Mainland Chinese migrants are caught in limbo without healthcare or housing as they wait years for Hong Kong residency.
24 February 2014

Henrique Capriles: 'I am a democrat'
Venezuela's opposition leader explains why peaceful political change is necessary and still possible.
30 August 2014

Another World
In Marco Polo's footsteps: from Venice to the Holy Land, through the Middle East to the home of the assassins of Alamut.
11 hours ago

Solo mums
What drives single mothers in South Korea to abandon their babies?
29 August 2014